Security agents grapple with increased Shabaab attacks in Lamu

Security agents are grappling with the resurgence of Al-Shabaab attacks in Lamu County.

The militants have turned the county into a playground, often launching explosives attacks on government installations, security personnel, locals and motorists, killing, maiming and destroying property.

The terrorists have been getting security personnel involved in Operation Linda Boni unawares and left many dead.

Between May and November 2017, more than 30 police officers were killed in different attacks by the terror group.


This year, the terrorists have resurfaced with fresh raids targeting security personnel and motorists using the Lamu-Malindi road.
Last week, the attackers ambushed Ishakani Village, a day after killing a woman and injuring five police officers at Nyongoro along the Lamu-Malindi road.

They also set two police cars ablaze before disappearing into nearby bushes, a thing that they have been doing often despite the area being near a General Service Unit camp and a few kilometres from the Linda Boni Operation centre in Witu.

The centre is equipped with both air and ground equipment to counter Al-Shabaab attacks but what puzzles many is that the attacks mostly happen during the day.

However, there are few reports of the militants being arrested, injured or killed by the response teams.


Last Tuesday, tension was high in Ishakani Village in Lamu East after more than 100 heavily armed insurgents took over the area and preached radical teachings to the residents.

They hoisted their flag at a deserted local police station before going back to their hideouts.

Sources revealed that the attackers have also been conducting daily prayers at mosques in the area at will.

Among areas that Al-Shabaab have been operating from with impunity in the recent months are Milimani, Mangai, Milihoi and Pandanguo where they beheaded residents in 2017.

Despite the government downplaying the attacks, lives continue to be lost with security personnel deployed to escort public service vehicles always unsure of their fate.


On Wednesday, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i met security bosses from the region in Mombasa and assured the public that the government is on top of the situation and that it will crush the militants and that there was no cause for alarm.

He termed the recent Al-Shabaab raids as “isolated cases”.

He insisted the government has the capacity to deal with the attackers who have scared away tourists from Lamu, affected farming and negatively impacted on locals’ lives, education and health sectors.

“I have not seen any cause for concern as it were. The isolated criminal incidents such as the one we had on Saturday are matters that we will deal with decisively as we move along because we have the willingness and focus,” Dr Matiang’i said.


And speaking to journalists on Friday, Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa said the security committee was reorganising its operations to deal with the terrorists.

He dismissed claims that the Ishakani police post is not operational and that police officers had been evacuated when Al-Shabaab roamed the area last week.

He termed reports that the attackers hoisted their flag in the village as “propaganda” and added that security has been heightened in the area.

“Ishakani is in Kenya and we have the obligation to protect it. Anyone who will try to attack that place will see lethal fire,” said Mr Marwa.

The tough-talking administrator said the government is confident with the Linda Boni operation.

“That is one operation that we believe in as a government and it must succeed. You can take that to the bank. We have all the units on the ground. We cannot discuss much of the operation for security [reasons] but we are on top of things,” said Mr Marwa.

The operation, which is conducted by various security agencies led by the Kenya Defence Forces and the National Police Service was launched by former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery in 2015 to flush out Al-Shabaab militants hiding in the dense Boni Forest.

Facebook plan to combat fake news draws scepticism

Social media experts have expressed doubts over the effectiveness of Facebook’s plan to combat fake news by surveying users on what news sources they find trustworthy.

In a post on his personal page on Friday evening, Facebook’s CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to make sure news consumed on the platform was from “high quality and trusted sources”.

“There’s too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world today,” wrote Zuckerberg.

“Social media enables people to spread information faster than ever before, and if we don’t specifically tackle these problems, then we end up amplifying them.”

Zuckerberg’s plan to combat misinformation spread on the platform involves asking Facebook’s users whether they find particular news sources trustworthy.

Facebook, which is not expected to release the results of the survey, hopes that the results will “shift the balance of news” seen by users towards sources that are determined to be trustworthy.

However, social media analysts had reservations over the effectiveness of the plan, questioning whether this was the best way to go about tackling the issue.

Technology analyst Larry Magid told Al Jazeera’s NewsGrid that the survey risked taking into account opinions formed from prejudices against, or preference, for certain outlets instead of whether they were trustworthy or accurate.

“Simply because something is well liked by a percentage of the public, doesn’t mean it’s reliable,” he said.

“There are people who love news sites that are objectively untrue – that doesn’t require an opinion, that’s something you can establish by fact,” added Magid.
People already share sources they trust. They will answer a survey the same way. People are often wrong.

— Heather Kelly 🦁 (@heatherkelly) January 19, 2018
Magid explained that it was encouraging that Facebook had chosen to survey a representative sample but others were more blunt with their criticism of the plan.

Matt Navarra, the Head of Social Media at The Next Web, tweeted: “Facebook announces it will start asking users to decide which publishers are trustworthy in order to filter out news content. The same Facebook users who constantly fail to spot Fake News and share it widely.”
Not all analysts, however, were critical of the move. Renee DiResta, policy lead at Data for Democracy, said Facebook’s decision was “great news and a long time coming”.

“Google has been ranking for quality for a long time, it’s a bit baffling how long it took for social networks to get there,” she wrote on Twitter.

Concerns about so-called fake news have grown in tandem with the spread of social media.

The term is used to refer to deliberate publication and sharing of misinformation by ideologically motivated internet trolls and governments, but has also been used by politicians to dismiss critical coverage.

Somalia president names new Mogadishu mayor, ousts Thabit Abdi

Somalia president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has named former information minster Abdurrahman Osman Yarisow as the new Mogadishu Mayor and Banaadir governor, state media reports.
The new official will replace former president’s ally and Banadir Governor Thabit Abdi who was ousted in a decree released by villa Somalia on Sunday.

” After he saw reports of Interior, Federalism, and reconciliation ministry after he made consultation with the prime minister, the President named these individuals for these posts. Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) was appointed as the mayor Mogadishu, Mohamed Abdullahi as the first deputy of the mayor,” reads the statement.

Somalia president has also fired Mogadishu’s district commissioners.
The commissioners have on Saturday night elected Thabit Abdi to stay put at the office for the next two years , strengthening Thabit’s political tussle with the higher Federal leaders including the PM.

The ousted Governor has on Saturday denied any land exploitation involvement, rebutting an increasing allegation over a public land sold near Hamarweyne’s Shanema Afrika.

Reports say that dozens of Federal troops have on Sunday morning deployed in and around the Mogadishu municipality, as new Mogadishu mayor prepares to take over the office.

No military actions have been reported so far.

The political tussle between the sacked governor and Villa Somalia erupted over a planned meeting which Mr. Thabit said will decide Banaadir’s status in the federal level.

Thabit M Abdi, a former Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Somalia in the US was named last year as the Mayor of Mogadishu and Banadir region govenor.

Afar Carruur Ah Oo Ku Geeriyootey Qarax Ka Dhacay Mandhera

Wararka ka imanaya deegaanka Takaba ee Mandheera ayaa waxay sheegayaan in halkaasi ay ku dhimatay Afar carruur ah, kadib qarax miino oo deegaankaasi ka dhacay.

Carruurtan ayaa la sheegay in ay ku ciyaarayeen miinadan oo ay dhagxaan ku garaaceen, kadibna ay ku qaraxday, sida ay sheegeen dadka deegaanka.

Saraakiisha Booliiska Mandhera ayaa xaqiijiyey in sidoo kale uu jiro dhaawaca Labo carruur ah oo iyaguna halka qaraxa uu ka dhacay ku sugnaa.

Marar badan, maamulka Mandhera ayaa uga digey shacabka in aan lagu dedegin walaxaha aan la muuq aqoonsan.

Madaxweynaha dowladda Federaalka Ee Soomaaliya Farmaajo Oo Ku Wajahan Degmada Hobyo

Madaxweynaha dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya, Maxamed C/laahi Maxamed Farmaajo ayaa lagu wadaa in maanta oo Axad ah uu aado degmada Hobyo ee gobolka Mudug.

Waxaa madaxweyne Farmaajo wehlinaya madaxweynaha Galmudug Axmed Ducaalle Geelle Xaaf, madaxa wasiirada Galmudug Sheekh Maxamed Shaakir, wasiirro iyo xidhibaannno.

Shacabka ku dhaqan degmada Hobyo ayaa wada diyaar garow ku aadan sidii ay kusoo dhoweyn lahaayeen madaxweynaha iyo Wafdiga uu hoggaaminayo.

Madaxweyne Farmaajo ayaa socdaal ku maraya deegaanno kamid ah Galmudug.

Warkaan wixii kusoo kordha kala soco wararkeena kale

Ogow Sababta Rasmiga Ah Billow illaa Dhammaad: Heerarka Uu Soo Maray Khilaafka Thabit iyo Dowladda Federaalka

Thabit Cabdi oo ahaa shaqaalaha safaaradda Soomaaliya ee Mareykanka, horayna u soo noqday Agaasime ku xigeenkii Villa Somalia ayaa April 6, 2017 waxaa uu madaxweyne Farmaajo u magacaabay guddoomiyaha gobolka Benaadir iyo duqa Muqdisho.

3dii bil ee ugu horreysay waxaa aad u fiicnaa xiriirka guddoomiye Thabit iyo ra’iisul wasaaraha Soomaaliya Xasan Cali Kheyrre, Thabit waxaa uu ka qeyb-geli jiray shirka khamiis kasta yeeshaan golaha wasiirrada halka ra’iisul wasaare Kheyrre uu si joogta ah u tagi jiray xarunta maamulka gobolka, xafladaha isla qaban-qaabin jireen, illaa markii dambe labada nin isku dhaceen.

Hadaba, Inta aanan ka hadlin isku dhaca ra’iisul wasaare Kheyre iyo guddoomiyaha gobolka Thabit bal aan wax yar ka hadalno, waxyaabaha uu Thaabit Cabdi qabtay 9kii bil ee uu xafiiska joogay.

Guddoomiyaha gobolka Benaadir iyo duqa Muqdisho Thabit Cabdi waxaa uu soo kordhiyay siyaasad maaliyadeed oo sax ah uu gobolka yeesho, sida halka ay maaliyadda gobolka marto, waxaa kale uu account u baddalay lacagtii mushaarka ee shaqaalaha gacanta ku qaadan jireen, tiiyoo keentay in hay’adaha deeqda bixiya ay mar kale aaminaan xafiiska gobolka Banaadir.

Hay’adda Bangiga Adduunka tusaale ahaan, waxaa ay maal-gelisay in muddo lix biloodna ah ay lacag siiso illaa kun dhallinyaro ah oo gobolka Banaadir shaqo abuur u sameeyay, waxaa kale oo jira mashaariic dib loogu howl-geliyay Iskuullo iyo goobol kale oo hay’ado kale lacagta bixiyeen.

Muddaddii uu Thaabit Cabdi guddoomiyaha ahaa waxaa la dhisay 4 waddo oo kala aha: 30-ka, Kaaraan, Kaahiye iyo Gen. Daa’uud, waxaa kale oo uu sameeyay daadejin maamul oo waxaa si fiican u shaqeyn jiray agaasimayeyaasha iyo degmooyinka gobolka Banaadir, waxaa intaas dheer mushaarka waxaa ay shaqaalaha u qaadan jireen si joogta ah.

Khilaafka Thaabit iyo dowladda Federaalka Ah:

Guddoomiyaha gobolka Benaadir iyo duqa Muqdisho Thabit Cabdi ma ahayn nin nasto, sababta shaqada looga ceyriyay qofba meel ayuu la aadi karaa sida khilaafka isaga iyo ra’iisul wasaaraha, lacagta dekadda, maqaamka Muqdisho, amniga gobolka, hankiisa siyaasadeed, xiriirkiisa mucaaradka ama xitaa arrimo dhul, laakiin waxaa xaqiiq ah in uu ahayn nin meel fadhiya.

Heerarka Khilaafka:

Lacagta Dekadda: Guddoomiyaha gobolka Benaadir iyo duqa Muqdisho Thabit Cabdi waxaa uu damcay madaxbannaani maamul iyo mid maaliyadeed in uu ka hirgeliyo gobolka, isaga oo marka hore golaha wasiirrada ka codsaday in la kordhiyo miisaaniyadda uu ka helo dekadda Muqdisho oo halkii ay ka ahayd 15% laga dhigo 25% taas oo isjiid-jiid badan gashay.

Maqaamka Muqdisho: Guddoomiyaha gobolka Benaadir iyo duqa Muqdisho Thabit Cabdi oo ka hadlay furitaanka kalfadhigga 2aad ee golaha shacabka July 8, 2017 halkaasi uu joogay sidoo kale madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullahi Farmaajo waxaa uu yiri “Go’aanka Maqaamka magaalo madaxda Muqdisho iyo soo saarista sharciyadeeda gaarka ah waxa uu dusha u saaran yahay golaha shacabka xildhibaannada sharafta leh ee maanta aan horjoogno,

annaga waxa aan geed dheer iyo mid gaaban aan u fuushannahay in aan wadatashi baaxaad leh la yeelano, reer Muqdisho waa dad dulqaad badan oo jecel dowladda oo bixiya canshuurta waxa ay codsanayaan in gacan laga siiyo sidii ay u dhisan lahaayeen maqaamka dastuuriga ee loo oggolyahay magaalada madaxda Soomaalida” sidaasi ay tahay arrintaasi waa laga diiday in uu dhaqaajiyo, waxaana loo arkay nin awood raadis ah.

Amniga Banaadir: Thaabit oo xiganaya xeer NO 2 sanadkii 1963 ee sheegaya

in hay’adaha amniga gobolka ay hoos yimaadaan maamulka gobolka ayaa xukuumadda marar badan ka dal-baday in la hoos keeno ammaanka gobolka Banaadir isaga oo soo bandhigay barnaamij loo bixiyay “Isha Xaafadda” oo booliiska iyo nabad-sugidda ay xog uga heli karaan shacabka Muqdisho tabbeelle, Waax, Xaafad ilaa Degmo, qorshahaasi waa laga diiday.

Damac Siyaasadeed: Guddoomiyaha gobolka Benaadir iyo duqa Muqdisho Thabit Cabdi waxaa uu waqti badan ku bixiyay in uu u muuqdo shakhsi qaban kara labada jago ee dalka ugu sarreysa, waxaa uu xiriir fiican la yeeshay beelaha dega Muqdisho, isaga oo ku xirmay odoyaasha iyo siyaasiyiinta.

Is fahamka Mucaaradka: Dhacdadii December 17 lagu weeraray hoyga siyaasiga Cabdiraxmaan Cabdishakur waxaa uu ka mid ahaa dadkii gacan ka geystay soo deyntiisa, taasi oo lagu tiriyay in aanu ka raalli ahayn wixii dhacay.

December 30, 2017, Markii la weeraray guriga Cabdi-qeybdiid waxaa uu booqday guriga isaga oo yiri“Waxaan aad ugu xumahay falkii argagaxa lahaa ee loo geystay qoyska & Hoyga Guddoomiyaha Guddiga Dastuurka ee Labada Gole ee Baarlamaanka Senator Cabdi Xassan Cawaale (Sen Cabdi- Qeybdiid), wax la aqbali karo ma ahan in muwaadin si sharci-darro ah gurigiisa lagu weeraro, familkiisana argagax loogu geysto, iskaba-ddayee Senator Qaran oo xasaanad buuxda leh. Waa in sharciga si deg deg ah loo horgeeyaa kuwa falkan argagax leh geystay iyo cid alaale ciddii amarkaas bixisay”.

Iyada oo Thaabit mucaaradka is fahmeen ayuu madaxweynaha safar ugu baxay gobollada bariga iyo bartamaha dalka, xitaa Thabit waxaa uu ka mid ahaa dadkii ka qeyb-galay heshiiskii Dhuusa-mareeb ee Galmudug iyo Ahlu-sunna.

Xiisadda Cusub:

Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa qoraal uu dorraad soo saaray lagu sheegay in uu ka walaacsanyahay jiritaanka warar sheegaya ku xadgudub dhulalka danta guud ee caasimadda Muqdisho.

Madaxweynaha ayaa yiri “Sida uu tilmaamayo Qodobka 43aad ee Dastuurka Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya dhulku waa khayraadka koowaad iyo saldhigga nolosha dadka. Ilaa inta laga soo saarayo habraacyada sharci ee waafaqsan Qodobka 43aad ee Dastuurka, dhulka dowladda lama hibeyn karo, bixin karo, lamana wareejin karo.”

Habeen hore xilli saq-dhexe ah ayuu Thabit Cabdi isugu yeeray saxaafadda isaga oo damacsanaa in uu iscasilo, laakiin odayaal la shiray ayaa ka dhaadhiciyay in uu go’aankiisa baddalo, waxaana arrintaasi ka dambeysay in xalay January 20, 2018 xarunta gobolka Banaadir lagu qabtay shir-weyne la sheegay in looga tashanayo masiirka iyo aayaha gobolka Banaadir, shirkan oo ay ka soo qeyb-galeen xubno ka socda 3.5-ka deggan xamar oo isgu jira goleyaasha degmooyinka iyo qeybaha kala duwan ee bulshada waxaa ay Thabit si KMG ah ugu doorteen inuu sii hayo xilka guddoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir iyo duqa magaalada 2da sano ee soo socota, iyada oo muddadaasi laga sii shaqeyn-doono maqaamka, lana dar-dar-gelin doono isku-duubnida bulshada iyo horumarinta adeegyada dadweynaha, laakiin looguma sugin oo saaka ayaa shaqada laga eryey, waxaana booskiisa loo magacaabay wasiirka warfaafinta Eng, Cabdiraxmaan Yarisow.

Ugu dambeyntii, lama saadaalin karo waxa xiga, laakiin waxaa muuqata in dowladda ay ka dhammaatay Thabit Cabdi, isagana ma aamusi-doono oo galaan-gal ayuu wadaa, waqtigana waa marqaati ah.

Ciidamo Mareykan Iyo Somali Ah Oo Hawlgal Qorsheysan Ka Fuliyay D/Jamaame

Ciidamo Mareykan iyo kuwa Somali ah, ayaa hawlgal qorsheysan waxa ay ka fuliyeen Degmada Jamaame ee Gobolka Jubbada hoose, sida ay xaqiijiyeen ilo wareedyo.

Hawlgalkaan ayaa wuxuu dhacay xalay, kadib markii ciidamadan Mareykanka iyo kuwa Somalida ah oo wada socda ay ku dagteen duleedka Magaalada Jamaame.

Ciidamadan oo watay diyaarado Helicopter ah ayaa lagu soo waramayaa duleedka Jamaame markii ay ku dagteen inay qaab lug ah ku galeen Magaalada, balse Koontaroolka Magaalada uu dagaal ku dhexmaray ciidamada iyo ciidanka Shabaab.

Dagaalkaasi oo socday muddo kooban ayaa la soo warinayaa inuu ka dhashay khasaare dhimasho iyo dhaawac oo dhinacyadii halkaasi ku dagaalamay soo kala gaaray.

Taliska ciidamada Mareykanka Africom, kama aysan hadlin weerarkaan qorsheysan ee xalay ay ku qaadeen Degmada Jamaame ee Gobolka Jubbada hoose.

Al Shabaab ayaa sheegtay inay iska caabiyeen weerar qorsheysan oo ciidamadaasi ay ku soo qaadeen Magaalada Jamaame, khasaare kala duwana ay gaarsiiyeen ciidamadii weerarkaasi soo qaaday.

Madaxweyne Farmaajo Oo Lagu Soo Dhaweeyay Balanballe

Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa Goordhow gaaray Magaalada Balanballe ee gobolka Galgaduud iyada oo siweyn halkaasi loogu soo dhaweeyay.

Madaxweynaha oo ay wehliyaan Madaxweynaha Maamulka Galmudug Axmed Ducaale Geelle Xaaf, Madaxa Xukuumadda Galmudug Maxamed shaakir Cali Xasan iyo Masuuliyiin kale ayaa waxaa soo dhaweeyay Maamulka degmada Balanballe iyo Bulshada.

Madaxweynaha ayaa Safar dhinaca dhulka ah uga tegay Magaalada Guriceel oo uu xalay ku hoyday,waxaana la filayaa in uu kulamo la qaato Maamulka degmada Cabudwaaq iyo Bulshada intaba.

Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo safarkiisa siiwata ayaa sidoo kale wax uu booqan doonaa degmadaCabudwaaq ee gobolka Galgaduud.

Restoring hope for refugees: a Story from the Ali Addeh Camp in Djibouti

Djibouti, a country with a desert-like climate, where two out of five people live in extreme poverty, hosts over 26 000 refugees. The vast majority of them reside in camps.

Kalsouma Ahmed Adbi, a wife and mother of six, is one of them. She and her family fled their home in Somalia in 1991 to escape from the war. They have been living in the Ali Addeh camp ever since.

Settling in wasn’t easy. With no fixed income and six children to feed, Kalsouma and her husband struggled to take care of their family. “When I arrived here, it was difficult,” she says. “I couldn’t have a normal life anymore.”

However, with the support she receives from the World Food Program (WFP), things have changed for the better. Funding from the European Commission’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department allows WFP to provide Kalsouma and thousands of others like her with a combination of food and cash.

This mixed form of assistance helps refugees and asylum seekers get the food they need to stay healthy. “Now, our situation is better and I can choose what my family and I eat,” smiles Kalsouma. “Thanks to the food and cash we receive, we have a more varied diet which includes milk, vegetables and meat.”

Kalsouma can now take better care of herself and her family. This has not only improved her health, but has also given her the opportunity to work and earn money within the camp.

Back in Somalia, she used to help her husband manage a sewing workshop and this experience has come in handy during her time in Ali Addeh. “Being healthy allows me to work,” she says. “I now sew handkerchiefs and handbags, earning money to help my family.”

When thinking of the future, Kalsouma remains hopeful. Her children are doing well and she is happy that her two little boys, Hanas and Dini, can go to school. “I hope that one day peace will be restored in Somalia and we will be able to return home,” she says. “In the meantime, I wish I could have my own sewing workshop in Djibouti and provide consistent support to my family.”

Cash assistance offered by WFP thanks to the EU’s humanitarian funding means much-needed relief for refugee families but also a considerable boost for Djibouti’s economy, with thousands of refugee shoppers buying food in local shops and markets.